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For the month of June, the Queen Anne Chamber selected the Marqueen Garage for its Member Spotlight.

Owner Nate, Lesha, and their son Arlo

Tell us about Marqueen Garage?

Marqueen Garage is a Queen Anne institution. Its beginnings date back to when it was quite literally an institution for Ford factory workers. After almost a century, we strive to carry on the traditions of sharing knowledge and providing honest, quality service.

How long has the paper been a member of the Queen Anne Chamber?

The Garage has been a member since before Lesha and I purchased the business. While I was an employee, Diane Keller and Sean Inman were owners then. I believe Diane joined the Chamber around 2007.

How long has Marqueen Garage been in the Queen Anne Community and how does MG get involved in the community?

Marqueen Garage has been a part of the Queen Anne Community since 1920. It was moved up the hill to its current location in 1976, operating both locations for some time after that. The garage we occupy now was once the Queen Anne Garage. Long before 1920, it was operated servicing horse and carriage used for the counterbalance.

We get involved when we can. Sponsoring events and Donating to local schools etc. Starting a family has been about enough an undertaking as both Lesha and I can handle, all the while balancing with the business and Lesha’s own career. Time has become a precious commodity.

What would you like the Queen Anne Chamber’s community to know about Marqueen Garage?

We are excited for Queen Anne Day(s) this year!

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