July Member Spotlight – Coopers Optique


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We are featuring Coopers Optique for July Member Spotlight. The grand opening is July 7th, 2020! 

Don’t forget to sign up for the second virtual After Hours hosted by Coopers Optique on July 22nd at 5:30PM! 

Owner of Coopers Optique; Zac Cooper

1) Tell us about your organization in a nutshell?

Coopers Optique is your eyewear fashion consultant- curating a sophisticated array of new, vintage, and custom brands from all over the world. If you’re in search of the perfect pair of funky, unique eyewear or sunglasses, Coopers Optique is where you can truly express yourself.

2) How long has your organization been a member of Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce?

Coopers Optique has been a member since fall of 2019.

3) How long is your organization in QA community and how does your organization get involved in the community?

Coopers Optique has been an active organization Since February 2019. During our build out we have been actively trying to find ways to become a part of the community. Most of our efforts have been geared towards networking and building connections. We are officially opening July 6th and are excited to be more involved with the community.

Some of these involvements include:

1) Having monthly rotating artist display their work at our space, sell their artwork, and if they wish… have a gallery showing.

2) Once COVID-19 regulations allow it, Coopers Optique will be hosting a several networking, business and other events.

4) Any information that you would like to share via Queen Anne Chamber’s community (ex. upcoming events, announcements).

We are grand opening on July 7th. Anyone that purchased eyewear in July will be entered into a drawing to win a free pair!

Coopers Optique

315 1st Ave. N. Suite 111 Seattle, WA 98109