June Member Spotlight – Accelerate Network




We are featuring Accelerate Networks for June Member Spotlight. We asked some questions how Accelerate Networks are managing their business during DOVID-19. 

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From left: Kyle from Accelerate Networks, Stephanie from SPU, Amanda from Therapeutic Associates Queen Anne Physical Therapy, Charley, our executive director at QA Chamber and Scott from Accelerate Networks

Photo by Kayako Sareen

1) Is your business impacted with COVID-19?

Our business has been impacted because our customers have been impacted. Since we are an essential business we have been operating throughout the pandemic. We’ve been lucky to feel a pretty minimal impact. Our sales team has definitely missed the opportunity to participate in fun events with groups like the Queen Anne Chamber, but we will enjoy ourselves virtually for now…

2) How are you and your business managing under these circumstances?

Our focus has been to stay engaged with the local community and be a resource for businesses that need help with phone(s) and technology. Some of our newest clients have needed help transitioning their phone system to being capable to support staff working at home. Our phone system offers tremendous flexibility and we are a great fit for businesses needing help adapting to the new work environment. We’ve limited the amount of onsite visits and have used tools like Jitsi and Zoom to help effectively communicate with clients. When we’re at a business we make sure to wear our masks and demonstrate proper social distancing guidelines.

3) Any tips and recommendations that you can share with other small businesses with your industry expertise (ex. useful articles, how to improve phone, internet access with higher usage rate…etc)?

One recommendation we would have is to keep an eye on your contract status. Several companies in our industry will significantly increase their prices when a customer falls out of contract. You might see your bill double and you’re paying for the same services. Setting a reminder on your phone and staying on top of your ISP (internet service provider) to make sure you’re not getting overcharged. If you’re experiencing unfair billing practices you should consider upgrading to a local company like Accelerate Networks!