May Member Spotlight – A Bit of Taste – Queen Anne Olive Oil Co.


1629 Queen Anne Ave N Suite #100 Seattle, WA 98109

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We are featuring A Bit of Taste – Queen Anne Olive Oil Co. for May Member Spotlight! Don’t forget to sign up for the first virtual After Hours hosted by A Bit of Taste on May 14th, Thursday. 

Photo by Kayako Sareen

Tell us what Accelerate Networks is in a nutshell? 

We are a gourmet food store specializing in the world’s freshest ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegars from Modena, Italy, and other gourmet food products from the West Coast and the Mediterranean which are sourced from small family farms and businesses. 

With over 70 oils and vinegars to taste, you have virtually unlimited flavor combinations. In addition, our unique and tasty gourmet foods, like roasted chilis, truffle products, salts from our own local San Juan islands, mustards from Ballard, chocolate-covered dates from the Coachella Valley, and handmade salami from Fremont, will enhance your cooking while being simple and easy to use.

How long have you been a member of QA Chamber? 

I bought the store June 1st, 2019, but I know the former owners were chamber members. I’ve always been a member of the chamber when I’ve owned a business. I’ve found the value it gives my business is much greater than the minimal cost to join; plus, the camaraderie it provides with fellow business owner is invaluable to me. I believe in the power of social networking, and chambers were implementers of that long before it became a popular buzzword.

Photo by Kayako Sareen

How long have you been in the QA community? 

We’ve been in QA for 7-8 years. I’m trying to track down exact dates in order to create a history of our company, especially as the store has changed hands and is now rebranded as A Bit of Taste. I believe in community involvement and giving back. It’s one of our company values, so we take it seriously in large and small ways. We give to virtually any local organization that asks us for support, whether that be the Queen Anne Helpline and participating at their fundraising dinner, or contributing gift baskets or oil & vinegar gifts sets to various auctions and fundraisers – I have a basket full of thank you cards that bring me a lot of pleasure. 

Currently, we are giving back to First Responders by giving the fire stations 6-pack sets of our oil & vinegars for their kitchens with simple and easy recipes they can try. Also, it’s my birthday month, and June 1st is when I bought the store, so I am doing a month of giving with a special gift or promotion for each day of the month of May. 

The Queen Anne community has been so good to us, especially during these unusual times of COVID-19. They’ve supported our business by buying our products and gift certificates, adapting to our new practices, being flexible as our current online system is overwhelmed and under-performing (we’re getting a new website soon and starting a monthly newsletter). Many customers have expressed relief and pleasure that we are able to stay open, and some have even refused our shipping discount in order to help us meet our expenses. In times of need a community comes together, and during times of need or plenty, we will always give back to our community.

Store Manager, Henry  
Photo by Kayako Sareen

      Any news and updates you would like to share? 

There’s so much going on it is hard to know where to begin, but here are a few:

We have a Mother’s Day special running the entire month of May and will also have that for Father’s Day in June. Any Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts are 10% off. Simply mention it is a gift for your mother or father to get the discount. We have gift sets with recipes, gift baskets, unique products; plus, custom baskets and gift sets can be made.

Also, since May is Beverage Month, we are featuring our mocktail and cocktail shrub packages for 15% off. Various duo and quad sets are available with the ingredients used in the shrubs for the After Hours chamber event.

We’re launching our first monthly newsletter as soon as I can get it written. It will have recipes, newly released products, specials, and tips from ourselves and customers. Anyone who wants to receive our newsletter simply needs to share their email with us to be added to our mailing list.

Stay tuned for a new updated and enhanced website which will feature ALL of our products for sale, not simply the oil and vinegar that is on our current website. Plus, it will make it easier to request curbside pickups and local deliveries (to addresses in 98109, 98119, 98121 zipcodes). Currently, customers have to call us for those arrangements, but soon that will be possible directly from our website.

We’ve become part of some “staples” boxes with Provisions and Zeacon and are very thankful for that. Contact those provisioners directly to find out more.

We were beginning to launch our Tasting Parties & Taste of the Tower (salad tower) events when COVID-19 hit. I’m working out the details of to provide these experiences virtually using Zoom, etc. More will be on our website and in our newsletter. If anyone wants to purchase a salad tower (it can grow any salad greens or other vegetables and have them ready to eat in 6 weeks) contact me or one of my team at 206-420-2989 or

We will also soon launch a Taster’s Club with a monthly or quarterly mailing of an oil & vinegar with recipes. Customers choose the frequency package. More info will be on our website and in our newsletter.

A salad tower Photo by Kayako Sareen

1629 Queen Anne Ave N Suite #100 Seattle, WA 98109

206-420-2989 ~