Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners!


Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween this year. 

Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce organized a Pumpkin Carving Contest in lieu of an annual Trick or Treat on the Ave due to COVID-19 this year. This event was with our hope to keep the spirit up for the Queen Anne residents and businesses. Thank you for all the entries. Judges were thrilled to review all the creative work. 


Winners and Honorable Mentions


1st winner – Andy Bergman

2nd winner – Anna Lullucci

3rd winner – Claudia Schwartz

10-17 Years Old

1st winner – Talia 

2nd winner – Mana Sareen

3rd winner – Fiona Woods

6 – 9 Years Old

1st winner – Adelie Alles

2nd winner – Anita Turner

3rd winner – Now White


1st winner 

2nd winner 

3rd winner

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention – Daniel Reker

Honorable Mention – Jayden Reker

Honorable Mention – Will Sparks