Urgent: Critical Discussion on Seattle’s Industrial Lands


 The Port of Seattle and NWSA, as operators of the nation’s fourth-largest gateway for international trade, believe strongly that the City of Seattle is long overdue in completing a holistic analysis of industrial lands and establishing policies to protect land that is vital to the region’s economic vitality and essential to a working waterfront. The proposed stadium district comprehensive plan change is premature and should not be considered until after a citywide conversation about the future of our vital industrial lands. Decisions about properties in industrial areas can have wide-spread impacts and cannot be made in a vacuum.

The proposed changes, if enacted, would withdraw land from industrial protections and foster development in conflict with creating and sustaining good-paying jobs in the maritime and industrial sectors.

Further, the stadium proposal is not the only industrial lands conversation occurring in the city, enhancing the importance of taking a system-wide look at the future of the lands currently contained within our Manufacturing Industrial Centers.

We urge you to contact the City council and key staff to not move ahead the Stadium District proposal. I’ve attached the Port’s letter and the Mayor’s letter on the issue along with the map that shows the stadium district.Emails or letters can go to the following leadership: